23 February 2010

cornflakes cookies

finally, haw got around to doing the cornflakes cookies. she has been talking about doing and sharing it with me since more than a year back. finally, its here
tried the reciepe tonight. as usual, i am too slow for my mother. after a while of waiting for me to toodle ard with the reciepe, she decided to take over and take charge. hahah tat's her helping me to mix the butter and marshmallow :D
after mixing in the cornflakes, the toughest part has to be scooping the cornflakes into the small papercups. i had to rope in my younger brother to help continuously stir the mixture over small fire to prevent it from solidifying. after another while of waiting for me to finish up, my younger brother came to my rescue again. i am too slow for him too! ahahahahah :D well, the flakes were abit too big and its difficult to put them into the paper cups. so next time, i will crush the flakes abit before mixing.
and here's the end product!

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