14 January 2008

mobile phone straps

been thinking of doing this for a long time already but somehow, never did until today. was going through and packing my collection of fabrics - saw some loose fabrics lying around, so tried doing these. and once i have started, i cant seem to stop.

I am using the pink rabbit one for my camera now. :D


Ciyou said...

thats lovely, how do u make it?

onebowl said...

hi ciyou,

its pretty simple. sew long strips of fabric together and clamp it tight with the clips. email me your address and i will mail you some to try it out! :D hope you have gotten your sewing machine already though!

kayie said...

So 1 x mobile phone strap for Pretty Wong pls.

Ciyou said...

my email:ciyouong@yahoo.com