26 March 2012

Tyre alone in HK

Poor Tyre... he's going to be alone in HK again for this week cuz i am back in Singapore (again). Everytime i am away, he just either (a) eat mac (b) eat snacks or (c) simply skip meals. So this time, i decided and planned in advance to cook him alot of frozen meals so that he can just warm it up and having home cooked food. Here's the freezer filled up with foodies!

Boxes of soup, fried rice & bee hoon, frozen prawns, meatballs, burger patties etc. Had to label them so its easy for Tyre to differentiate. I learnt the 'trick' of storing soups in boxes from Aunty Teo. Its so neat. Had to top up with convenience food too la.. wanton and char siew pau


Kayie said...

Omg! This is alot of food!!!!

onebowl said...

OOO.. wan me to go over stock up ur fridge too?!?! :D

juskawaime said...

wahh good wife!! =)
Well done!!