11 March 2012

All in a Friday's work

Tyre was out late on Friday night.. he had some company dinner to attend so that leaves me free and alone the entire day from morning till night to indulge in myself.. no need to clean house, do grocery shopping nor cook!

So.. spent the whole day trying out various crafts and looking for inspiration. So it started out with this early in the morning...the concept is good but end product aint too user friendly. Its a 'pop up' pouch thingy. Its rather fast and easy to do since its suppose to be a prototype... there's no need to be too exact.When you open it, the sides pop up and it becomes a box like pouch.. its suppose to be easier to find things in this manner.. supposedly a japanses style like pouch which i have seen some time back. But then, the whole pouch was abit too flimsy and cant really fit as much
Anyway, one dissapointing pouch.. and it was only noon time... i still have lots of time to play with other ideas.. so i tried doing this pleated pouch thingy which i saw on one of the blogs last time. Once again, it turned out wrong.. somehow the proportions were a bit off and the fabrics were a bit mismatched. Waste of time and effort again. Was pretty ready to give up already - two dissapointments in a day is too much to bear. But it was still pretty early at ard 4+pm. So i went in search for more inspiration... and it hit me!!!! i needed a luggage tag!! Its long overdue. And i have seen some applique styles i really like on some blogs and decided to do one! I really need a luggage tag soon.. in a few weeks time when i return to Singapore, i need to personalise my generic luggage.

I have seen some amazing bloggers who first draft out their ideas first before tackling the actual task so i first went abt conceptualizing my tag...drawing, mixing and matching different materialsAnd so , after more than 6 hours of almost non-stop crafting, here's the end product! Its just soooooooooooo pretty!!! i think i have outdone myself!!!! I love it!! It may be a small tag but there's alot of handstitching.. each of those small pieces of cloth/appliques have been to ironed on first then handstitched to prevent it from falling off and fraying.

Typically, luggage tags shd include address and contact. But i just stitched my name (Ms Vong said i shdnt call myself miss anymore..but but but... can la hor? ) and country. Not too keen on putting my contact and address on it. If my luggage's missing and airline needs to contact me, surely they can thru my name? :D Love it! Wish to do some for my travelling frens ... in due course... :D

And so that's it.. that's all done in one crazy crafting friday with a happy ending :D


Jellbell from Hell said...

yay! i am looking forward to receiving mine!

juskawaime said...

Me Mee Meeee too!! =D