23 February 2012

Patchwork Pillows For HK!

I love hexis... they are so fun to make and so portable ... i can make them at home, at work, at fren's place, on the plane, overseas etc. I made these hexis for the living room pillow case. It took quite a while to piece them all together but it was fun!
I always wanted to do a red and aqua blue combi.. so here's it.. i made 4 different ones for the living room. So pretty! :D
Seperately, I am now trying to 'tackle' a new project. Another quilt! (yeah.. i havent completed sean kiddo's yet but i cant resist doing a new one) This time, happy yellow and happy green color combi.. hmm..reminds me of the vong's grass patch at home :P. Spent the whole day today cutting and ironing them .. till i have no time to cook dinner :D Well, parents are coming to hk tomolo for more than a week so guess i be laying off crafting for sometime and be out spending some money!! Whoppeee!!

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