11 May 2011

cuppa tea anyone?

experimented with a few new designs for the past few days and results were bad.. one failure after another. failure as in the completed craft was a pain to look at from the shape, size, fabrics etc.

i wanted to give up already ... take a break and start thinking of new designs when i return end of the month. and so i told myself.. ok , one last try, if it fails, it must be crafters block.. no problem.

and so... i have a success!!! Presenting the new cuppa tea zipper pouch!!!!!!

This time, instead of adding interface, i added a layer of soft cushioning to give it a nice soft touch. And added a 'teabag' at the zipper for additional realism - further stitched "tea" just in case its not so obvious.

its soooooo pwetttty!!!! i keep looking and admiring it. have shown it to my sample group - tyre, parents, brothers & sil and they all like it too!! YAY!!!!!

i will make this for the shoppe :D

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