02 January 2011

Steaming 2010

Did our last steaming for the year at the Vong's place on the last day of 2010. For the past few years, we have been steaming. Seems like steaming is sort of a tradition meal for the last day of the year yearly.

Thanks to the Vong's for opening up their place for us to do steaming. And good thing their table & place is big enough for 10+1. +1 = to little ella. nowadays, it seems kids are invading our adult space. every place, or gathering which we go to, there's always a kid ard. guess we have reached the age to have kids already!??!?! in the past, it was about who has new boyfren/girlfren but now, its about who has kids, how old the kid is etc etc.

that's cute ella. She started off being very quiet and shy. but as soon as she warmed up, she was busy showing off her facial tricks and handing out foodies to us. joee has taught her daughter well!

ella had to sleep early so yaozhong and joee left early. and so, its left to us couples without kids. snapping some pictures before the stroke of midnight.

and i chanced upon some crafts. First on the left is the large metal clasp purse which i made for Lynn about 1.5 yrs ago. She has been using it for her knick knacks since. Its still in good condition, looking as good as new :D The one on the left is made by Ms Vong's sis-in-law - a gift for x'mas. Its pretty!

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Kayie said...

Edla, not Ella... Edla, Edla, Edla...