11 October 2010

Ten.Ten.Ten - Part 1

10.10.10 - a once in a century date. In singapore, a total of 830 couples exchanged marriage vows, out of which, my brother's one of them! :D He had his solemnization @ One-degree Fifteen Marina Club @ Sentosa Cove. A pretty place to get married in front of the sea, yatches and sun with a party of about 40pax.

Yeah, my brother of 34yrs finally got married to audrey after more than 7 years ( i think it 7 years). Its the first xi shi of the family. Dad must have beeen the most excited of the lot.

Helped to do up wedding favors for the day. Audrey came up with the contents while i helped with the cutting and packing. She chose a "Poker" theme with poker cards & chips in a black/red/white color scheme.
The wedding favor is includes a bottle of hard candy with "hearts" and "thank you", a stick of blowingi bubbles and ice cube thingy which lights up. All packed into a pretty white satin drawstring pouch.
Audrey ordered these handmade candies from a shop @ United Square. It comes in a pretty sized glass bottle and costs only $3.50. Pretty good priced, i think. We had to stick on our own thematic labels.
And we did up matching gift tags to match.
Will post pictures of the solemnization day itself later...


YH said...

Congrats man!
Eh do e sweets for your wedding too leh, I like to eat haha - do yours as a Tyre with words e1 within it :)
Which brings me to bug u - whats YOUR theme leeehhhh
Eh what did u wear?

onebowl said...

YH - errrr... u decide laaaaa.. i anything :P

yeah - i like the sweets thingy. may do it for my solemnization too, which is about an hour before the wedding. also contemplating to craft pouches for those attending solemnization onli la.. do for everyone can pengz.. but c how la :D

just thinking about it tires me out