30 July 2010

used, used and overused

i made these some time back.. omg! almost 3 years ago. anyway i gave one to kk and gave another to sabrina.
was delighted to know when kk told me she loved it and was using it but the delight turned into"ewww feeling" when she showed me earlier this week that she IS still using it 2years down the road....yes! the craftsmanship is soo good that its still useable till now but but but... couldnt resist it and had to take a picture of the current state of pouch.
maybe the picture above aint that bad yet. so i put another one beside it for comparison. the little flowers strips used to be in white or slight yellow tinge , it has now turned into a consistent shade of greyish-ness.
kk said the square size's perfect for her little knick knacks. and she cant bear to throw it away cuz its still use-able.
and so i decided - kk, if you are reading this, i love it that you love my handcrafted goodies. But all good things must come to an end. I am going to make a new one for you this weekend and force you to change out of it and throw it away or wash it!!


juskawaime said...

Orh I like the one (color combi) that u gave me ..
Haha it is indeed quite 'dirty' .. Shame on me.. =p

Ok i shall go and wash it and it will as clean as snow =) =p

Nope I will not throw it ..

Jellbell from Hell said...

Ewwwwww...it's so grosse!! I think it looks very germy!