30 July 2010

mini broke down again

my mini suffered from punctured tyre again. this time, its another mini, on a wet rainy gloomy friday morning. wat a bummer :(
was on my way zipping around quickly through the traffic when i heard a beep sound and then saw this sign huge (!) on my dashboard. sigh.. this cant be a good thing but optimistic me tried to ignore it. hoping optimistically for it to go away by itself! i am a fool. it doesnt work that way ! ahhahaahah i am just deluding myself, as usual.
after 5 minutes of driving and hoping that the sign will miraculously go away, i gave up. i stopped by the roadside and went down to inspect the tyres in the rain. cant seem to spot any problem. nevertheless, bro told me to bring to the nearest tyre shop for a checkup. the technician took one look and spotted the slightly deflated tyre and went ahead to repair it.

the whole procedure was very fast. took less than 10 minutes. in a nutshell, he merely located the 'tear', poked in a mushroom shaped rubber tubing, pulled it out to stopper the tear, sprayed some magic liquid (i say magic cuz i dunno wat's it) then its good to go. he said my tyre's a run flat tyre type,and there's no need to change new tyres. After his healing touch, it shd be able to last a long time without changing new tyres.

and the best part!??! its free! he's not charging me for the repair!! wah.. i must be looking really pretty this morning *puke puke* but as a rough guide (in case anyone out there reading this post runs into similar situations), such quick repair solutions usually costs about $10 only.
and so all ends well. i just need to reset the digital display on my dashboard so that the (!) dont appear anymore. :DD

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