25 June 2010

Metal clasps Makeup Pouches

I like 2 types of pouches. Either the bendy bend open pouches or the metal clasps pouches. Find them much easier to use compared to zippers. And chances of leaving it open are lower compared to zipper pouches and hence, my stuffs remain neat and organized.

Made this last weekend using Japanese dyed cotton linen fabric which i got during my taipei trip recently. Cotton linen in its 'raw' color's very popular for japanese crafters but i prefer mine with some color. So got some blue ones.

In order to give the pouch a prettier & sturdier shape and feel, I added interface. And I love the end product!!! I could have done a flatter version but i wanted it to be roomy enough as a cosmetic /toiletries pouch so made a wider base.
and just to show how it can be used, i filled it up with my makeup goodies. There's no need to label the stuffs but I like how some magazines do that so here's my version :D. I prob dont use 70% of the stuffs within anyway. :P

Anyway, this is not for me. I've already got my own handmade pouch for makeup already - made using fabric with russian dolls prints :D


Kayie said...

so this is for me?

KK said...

looks good!!
roomy and sturdy and pretty!! =)

juskawaime said...

I like this.. I wanna do this..