28 April 2010

its official! its ours!

the wait is over! its now official! we finally got our own little place on 26th april! :D had been wanting to blog about it for a long time but endured till it was officially ours before 'announcing' it. we just received the legal docs for transfer and our house keys! too bad we cant enter the place now cuz its rented out for the year.

it was like love @ first sight when we walked into the place and we knew that we sort of had to get it within 10 minutes or so. (it also helped that we saw a similar unit in the same development going for a much higher price). and so we made the offer on the spot and sealed the deal the following day :D
here's the pretty development. we felt that its like a resort with the palm trees swaying by the pool, if only there were more of such trees...
and here's the layout of the place ( i got it off the internet. its not exactly the same but its similar without the enclosed garden) . it looks pretty slanted on paper but it doesnt feel tat way.
the one and only bedroom, comes with a utility room turned into a walk-in wardrobe and attached toilet .
the master bedroom comes with a good-sized balcony - good for chilling out at night with beer/coffee :D
the dining area which is a tiny cosy area. love the dining set and had requested for the seller to give it to me :D intend to 'refurbish' it with a fresh coat of paint.
the living room, comes with a bay window
the kitchen leads into the yard area for doing laundry and a small toilet.
ooo..cant wait till next year to start renovating the place! :D

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