20 February 2010

parking coupons pouch

had been thinking of making these for ages and a couple of frens had been asking for them for ages... had been procrastinating for a long time. it could be a variety of reasons:
(1) taking measurements and doing trial & error takes time
(2) it needs interfacing in order to make it feel sturdy but i dislike interfacing cuz its not forgiving - if its not ironed on carefully and properly, air bubbles will be obvious and ugly
(3) will need to do button holes for it which is something i cant do at all (but i later took the short cut using push buttons)
(4) will need to hand stitch the bias tape around the edges which takes time again

so u see, the conclusion was its time consuming and there's no guarantee of a good end product, which is extremely fustrating for me. anyway, since my crafting bug's on, better ride the trend and do it !

here's it .. all eight of them.. but since it takes time to photograph each one of them, i have stacked them up


YH said...

thanks for mine!!
i really wanted one and was so surprised u made these for us!!
realised the one i chose had l'il ladybugs, just nice for our new bug coming soon :)

Jellbell from Hell said...

Yay I like mine too! But Mr Lee refuses to use it so I shall have to think of alternative uses for it! :)