22 July 2008

this place needs a revamp

Was at kallang today to support tyre's tennis game. While he was doing his warm up, i went over to KFC to have a drink. To my horror, the facade of the KFC was horrible - the paint was peeling and faded. It was in such stark contrast to clean and new MacDonalds opposite. Anyway, i had a craving for the cheesy fries so despite the unwelcoming entrance, i still chose KFC over MacDonalds.

And regretted - the interior was just as bad as the exterior. There was a horrible smell and the fittings were all old old old. Took a seat and the seats where dirt filled (at the gaps) and there were bits of chicken and crumbs littered on the seats. Also noticed that the staff merely wiped the crumbs off the table, and ignored the seats.

Yucks yucks yucks!

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