20 July 2008

forgotten crafts

spent the past 3 days packing my room. was in the mood to clean up and i came by these.

the first one was a box of paper cranes. i've forgotten why i did all these but i do remembered that i wanted to at least 1000 paper cranes because according to people - make 1000 cranes, make a wish and it will come true!

the second one was pieces of cross-stitches. before i discovered my interest in sewing, i had been doing cross-stitch instead and here are some of them. the thing about cross-stitch is that after finishing a piece, i could only do cushion covers or frame them up, both which i felt were pretty useless.. hahahahaha :D


Kayie said...

haha, if you remember.. we were busy zapping the cross stitch and cookery books in the school library while other people were busy studying for exams...

onebowl said...

yeah.. and i remembered baking cookies and carrying that coordinated pink files and elle bags. :D