12 February 2008

new creations

after a long dry spell... i have finally come up with new designs instead of the boring (but useful) clutch purses.

There's the bendy snap open purses which are up for sale on etsy. They are limited in stock - only 3 avaliable and no more after that, unless i manage to get more of those bendy snap open clasps. For pictures, go to onebowl.ety.com

There's also the mobile phone pouch. This aint the normal type. You can use it on its own (see first picture) or you can hook the beaded chain over your bag's strap (see second picture). That way, you no longer need to rummage through your bag long and hard just to find your handphone.

1 comment:

Katya said...

Are you going to sell the mobile phone pouches?