28 January 2008

chinese new year greetings card

in the past, we used to send one another chinese new year cards. now, we just send sms. i kinda miss those old days of receiving cards via snail mail. somehow, pple just forgot about it - an email, a sms just seems so much more convenient.

i was digging through some old stuffs and came across this card from kay which she sent in 1997. her handwriting hasnt changed and i could still remember which pen she used for this. anyway, she penned a poem and i shall directly translate it. Here goes:

if you are a chinese, celebrating chinese new year, speak mandarin, eat white rice,then how can you not send a chinese new year card? are you a banana? ("banana = ang moh ")
it doesnt make much sense eh? this year, i shall continue to not send chinese cards :D

1 comment:

kayie said...

hahaha, I also dunno wat I was thinking. More than 10 years back??! And I signed off as your rival?? haha, do I have to be your rival? I can beat you flat all ways. Easily. wahahaha...