10 December 2007

comfort pack for the happy traveller

did this for the above mentioned swap. the swap partner's not assigned yet, but will mail this out to her as soon as i know who she is. hope she likes it. i came up with this idea because of the bad experience that kay had....
Kay had a really bad experience in the berjaya tioman resort few years back - the pillow which they had provided in the room really smelled terrible. it had a very very strong 'oily & smelly head' smell. ewwww.. ever since that incident, i have become weary of using pillows at hotels or resorts. would usually cover them with a towel. and also, because i sleep with the lights on, i needed an eye mask to shield the eyes from the light.

so i thought of this - why not bring an inflatable pillow and eye mask along - and so , i made this 'comfort pack' - an inflatable pillow with pillow case, an eye mask, all in a handy pouch. the inflatable pillow can double up as a float for use in the pool or at the beach.


Ciyou said...

this looks lovely~ How i wish I can sew

i see u leaving comments on my blog. Just want to ask which model in spore u buy the sewing machine?

$120 is still cheap if convert to RM

kayie said...

Hey, i've only got the pillow! Where's my eye mask and the bag???!

Jellbell from Hell said...

Hey Ms To, this is very nice. You are getting better and better at this! :)